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Alien II, discontinued 2005

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A full featured binary clock with battery back up, hourly chime, multi-Symbols - multi-colored, from a company still servicing clocks we sold 33 years ago!!!





Time shown 11 : 5 9 : 2 4

Finally a binary clock from Chrono-Art Inc. Inspired by the availability of 4 colors of ultra bright light emitting diodes and the ease of laser cutting fun symbols for each of the five columns, the hours, the 10's of minutes, the minutes, the 10's of seconds, and the seconds. The combination gives a true alien look --- great fun!!!

So you don't have to set the time until you have learned how to read it, we set the time before we ship it. Just plug it in for immediate delight. And of course when power fails it runs off of the battery so there is no need to reset the time when the power resumes.

And as most of you know we love chimes in our clocks. And we love the hours dancing with the chimes. We also have included a half hour "ding-dong." But if you have too many chimes already just turn the volume control to "off" and they are gone.

If you don't know how to read a binary clock you must not be an alien. It requires a brain adjustment. Just look at the seconds advance for a couple of minutes and you will see the light and the logic. The frustration is that 5 year old children usually adapt and learn to be aliens very quickly, but of course we know they were really aliens to begin with!

The security of buying from a company that is still servicing the clocks we sold 32 years ago.

Price was $99.

Alien II Instructions.pdf


Lamps 20 year, red, orange, amber, blue/green light emitting diodes.
Accuracy within 2 seconds as long as power is on. One minute/month with power off.
Case Open frame style, 1/4" smoke gray acrylic.
Chime Automatic Hourly & half hour (ding-dong) chime with volume control. Color
Weight 3 lbs. Shipping weight
Power 115 VAC 50 or 60 Hz, lithium battery power backup, battery included.
Dimensions 6.75" H X 7" W X 2.5" D
Warranty One year on parts and labor

For question, or to order call 1-800-328-1895 and talk to me, the designer/owner, Barry Gamble

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