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1970's Museum of Modern Art Aurora Clock with new lighting technology --- Aurora Classic II


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Aurora Clock

New Aurora Clock by ChronoArt

Quicktime movie. Second hand circle moves through about 25 seconds of color changing. Note: this movie is of the old fluorescent version. Colors are much better on the newer LED super flux version. Mainly left on the web page for the humor, not to see the clock work.

Video of clock on YouTube

I believe the video is an LED clock we repaired.

We did not make this YouTube video.

Or watch a short YouTube video of the Aurora History

The AURORA CLASSIC is an updated version of a beautiful clock from the 70's. The Aurora has been in production for over 46 years. Its classic contemporary design was honored by the Museum of Modern Art. 

What's so special? A very unusual case, beautiful colors, and --- a mystery! There are continuously changing colors and surprising color 'shifts' when the secondhand disk overlaps the minute & hour hands. There is something else going on!! First you intuitively sense - something is wrong with the colors. Then you walk around while watching the clock and surprise --- the colors change depending on your viewing angle! Plus inside the clock you see a clear secondhand disk changing through a purple-blue-green-yellow color range, twice/minute as it rotates. It turns out, the color changes have to do with polarized light and a phenomenon called bi-refractance. Vectors of light are being rotated as they pass through each material which is very different from color filtering.

The uniquely sculptured case is highly polished aluminum, cut out on a lathe and hand polished the same way they were in the 1970's. The motor is a strong, metal geared, and made by the same company that made it in the 1970's. Add to this LED lamp technology for cooler running and more and better colors, gives you the best in contemporary design --- a worthy continuation of the AURORA.

New brightness adjustment (starting in LED clocks built after August 2003). This new push button switch in back allows a continuous adjustment of the brightness. Very nice to dim the clock for the bedroom or brighten for the office.

You ask, what is the new Super Flux variable spectrum LED lighting source? Well I thought the clock could be more interesting if it didn't go through the same colors every time the second hand disk was at the same place. Installed inside the clock is a microprocessor slowly changing the brightness of 8 each ultra bright red, blue, green and white light emitting diodes (LED). So red does not dominate yellow, the microprocessor occasionally, slowly, turns off the red LEDs. Similarly, the blue is occasionally turned off so you can see the green colors. A great improvement. The LED's run cool which allows the motor and filters a long life. Plus the LED's have a 15+ year life (they do not burn out, but rather just get dimmer). Plus, the LED's produce both more saturated colors and more pastels. This totals up to the best in contemporary design and engineering. Enjoy the Aurora for a lifetime and then pass it down to your descendents. To see one of the LED circuit boards

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LAMPS:       LEDs will dim by 30% in 15 years.

CASE:         Highly Polished aluminum. 

POWER:        120 VAC 60 HZ,  10 WATTS, (for information on 230 VAC, 50 HZ click here). 

WEIGHT :      4 pounds, or 5 shipping weight. 

DIMENSIONS:  8 in. HIGH, 5 in. WIDE, 8 in. DEEP. 


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