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Omichron II by ChronoArt Clocks

Note: The face is a mirror reflecting a marble on a black suface. Time shown 9:22

Omichron II (discontinued)

A great new artpiece for year 2000 – Omichron II. At first glance, Omichron II may look like a semi-normal clock, but it really lives up to Chrono-Arts' reputation for the unusual and fascinating. The colors of the lights continuously change. They start at rose, at 00 seconds, and change in twelve small, 5-second-steps of color, shifting through magenta and purple to blue at 55 seconds -- the color becomes a second hand.

During each hour the five's of minutes sequentially fill. On the hour, synchronized to the beat of the chime, the squares again sequentially fill but with an extra bright blue - quite an hourly climax. A microprocessor (viewable through the clear case) modulates the lights to create the colors. The color of the center square changes each minute, four colors, for the four minutes between each five on the circle. At special times, like 1:05, 2:10, 3:15, where both the hour and five's of minutes are using the same square, the microprocessor smoothly shifts the squares color from rose-magenta-purple-blue and back every two seconds - a little partial-rainbow. As you can now begin to see, Omichron's both interesting and beautiful.

The Omichron face is a mirror with square holes cut by a laser beam. Quality is radiated by a 3/8" thick, edge-polished, water-clear acrylic case. The lights (20-25 year life, light emitting diodes) are bright and colorful with a jewel-like sparkle.

All of this yields an elegant, fun, and sophisticated conversation piece. A great gift for yourself, a loved one, or business associate. The price is $225 – 36% off retail.

Omichron II Features:

Elegance radiates from the design purity of Omichron II.

A laser cut mirror is the face for bright, color-changing lights.

The lights slowly changing color compliments beautifully the sparking clear acrylic case. The internal lights, viewable through the sides, add to the sparkle.

A light, airy chime is a pleasant reminder of the hour and half hour. The lights progressively light, synchronized to the beat of the chime.

The 5 minute light colors are actually a "seconds" hand that start at rose (at 00 seconds) shifting color through magenta to purple to blue (at 55-59 seconds). The hour light's color shifting is offset by 30 seconds.

At special times like 1:05, 2:10, 3:15, where the hour and 5 minute light are trying to use the same square, you get a dazzling pulsation of color, spanning the whole color range every two seconds.

Omichron – quality, functionality, conversation piece – fun!

Omichron II Specifications:
LAMPS: Long life (20-25 year) super bright red and blue LED's.
CHIME: On the hour & half hour (optional) with volume control.
ACCURACY: Within 2 seconds with power on.
CASE: 3/8" thick clear polished acrylic. Base is removable.
POWER: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 watts (230 VAC, 50 Hz available)
WEIGHT: 2.5 lbs, 4 lbs. - shipping
DIMENSIONS: 8–1/8" High, 7–3/4" Wide, 3–1/2 Deep
WARRANTY: One year on parts and labor.
Omichron II by ChronoArt, side view

Telling the Time

One of the delights of Omichron is that telling the time is both easy and fun – yet different. After a few days, telling the time will be second nature to you while inviting the curiosity of others.

The square on the circle that is a different color is the hour. The minutes progressively light around the circle as the hour passes.

The color of the center square (off=0, rose=1, magenta=2, purple=3, blue=4) gives you the time to the minute.

The color of the 5 minute lights even give an approximation of the seconds.

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