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  This page is for information only, ProtoTime was discontinued in 2012

ProtoTime - a wall sconce light that is also a clock.

The face of the ProtoTime is white frosted acrylic, not black! The colors just show up better against black.

Keeping with ChronoArt's 30 year tradition of variety in design and playfulness in time telling --- here is ProtoTime.

Barry Gamble and ProtoTime clock, size comparison

Getting a feeling for the relative size


A colorful accent lamp where you choose the colors.

ProtoTime is a linear clock. One light is either OFF or blinking in each column. The position tells you the time.

An hourly chime clock. (For a bedroom, the volume may be turned all the way down to OFF.)

Three modes of display -- from kinetic with seconds displayed (for the younger crowd) to more peaceful without seconds for adults.

Three levels of brightness, plus lights OFF (OFF by external power or internal switch).

Modes, brightness, and time setting are controlled by 3 switches on the side for easy access, or....

You can mount it on the wall and power can be switch off. It will keep time from an accurate crystal and two AAA alkaline batteries for several years with the power off.

At full brightness only uses 9.5 watts of power.

One of the amusing things about clocks this big is most of us can see the time from bed without putting our glasses on.

Of course, the children always figure out how to read it first, but they are aliens yet to be domesticated.

The younger generation loves the kinetic mode with the seconds turned on. The top six lights in the middle column display the seconds in a modified binary. It can be read, but it is not easy. Just meant to be playful. For the nerds among you, the weighting of the 6 lights from top to bottom is 30, 15, 7, 4, 2, 1. When they are all lit that adds up to 59 seconds.

Choose your own colors: Attention:

No special colors available at this date 11-02-07. Maybe next February.

Blue & Green, the cool colors.

Yellow & red, the warm colors

Three colors, examples shown with me in the picture above and another below.

Or, four colors, with mixed colors in the same column. See the standard 4 color version below.

Or mix them up any way you like.

There is one standard version of the colors for the $249 price. Special colors have a special handling charge of $15. Add another $5 for all blue & green, or subtract $5 for all red & yellow. Once I see what people want I will probably change what is the standard version. Special versions cannot be returned without a large restocking fee, $50, sorry. I may not have chosen the standard version well; I go back and forth every hour, just like my clocks! :-)

Call me if you want to chat about it.

Some color choosing guides. The top three in the right column are never used to tell time, so in several layouts I have made these a different color, just for fun. The top 6 in the middle column are the seconds, used in the kinetic mode, so again it may be fun to differentiate this group with a color change. All the lights in the left column are the hours so I have usually left them the same color, and there are some color limitation of the choices for this column. Call be if you want to mix warm and cool colors in this, the hours column.

Telling Time

The left column (top row) is the hours. The middle column )row) is the 10's of minutes, the right/bottom the minutes.

Or, for a horizontal example:

ProtoTime Clock, horizontal view

Counting from the left, the 2nd blue, fourth red, and sixth green = 2:46

Side view of ProtoTimeBack view of ProtoTimeProtoTime with standard colorsProtoTime Clock with seconds in greenProtoTime Clock in Blue and Green

Sideview showing open frame design and back view showing mounting possibilities.

Three examples of possible colors, from left to right, 4 color (standard version), 3 color, 2 color.

Note the colors are much brighter than shown.

The colors are not accurate from one to the next. There is only one color of red, one color of blue, etc.


• Art and function combined in a wonderful showpiece, light-sconce/clock.

• Kinetic seconds mode for party-time.

• Three levels of brightness.

• Multiple modes to fit your mood.

• A light and airy chime is a pleasant reminder of the hour. Synchronized to each beat of the chime, the hour display marches up its column.

• Switches on the side for easy access to changing modes and setting time.

• Can be switched off and batteries maintain time keeping.

• ProtoTime – art, a statement, a conversation piece – great fun.

Your factory direct price for the standard colors is $249.  

To ask questions call 1-800-328-1895.


CASE: Frosted acrylic, front 1/4 inch thick edge polished , back 1/8", open frame design (no sides).

LAMPS: Long life Superflux LEDs, will lose 30% of there brightness in 12 years at full brightness. Much longer life at the medium or dim brightness levels.

Chime: Hourly, with volume control, may be used to turn OFF.

ACCURACY: One minute per year on battery, plus or minus 3 seconds with power on. Each time power is flipped ON-OFF it may get off 1 sec due to crystal startup delays.

POWER: 120VAC, 60Hz, 9.6 watts at full brightness, for power backup two AAA alkaline batteries included. 230VAC 50Hz version available on special order.

DIMENSIONS: 35 -7/8 in. high, 5-7/8 in. wide, 2- 3/4 in thick.

WEIGHT: 7 lbs, shipping 8 lbs.

WARRANTY: one year on parts and labor.

Download a copy of operating instructions in pdf

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