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ChronoArt designs and manufactures clocks.

Below are some examples of our production clocks.

Many can be adapted into large Lobby clocks to fit your design goals.

For one example look at the TimeArt below, third clock down on the left.

It could be transformed into:

Note that a digital display in these could be added and normally OFF, and hidden with smoke grey acrylic. But it could turn on for a few seconds at each new minute.  So, on the minute, each minute, there would be a learning mode. First, for example, the hour only could light on both the art display, and the digital display.  Then only the fives of minutes would show on both displays, then only the minutes would display on both, then the complete time display on both, then the digital display would fade to off, and only the Art display would be lit for the rest of that minute.  The art display minutes could be morphed to a new random pattern every 10 seconds to create interest.  You could use white for the non-significant segments, or random color like in my TimeArt clock.

In this example the squares are large --- like 10" X 8"  

The squares could be in a large circle, more like a clock face, instead of the rectilinear matrix look shown above.

The colors of the digits could be made to match the colors of the art display segments.

For long term reliability, the Light Emitting Diodes would be run very conservatively so they would last the life of the building.

Projects run from $25,000 to $50,000

Costs are affected by factors such as, if existing microprocessors programs can be use, the clock size, if you can do the installation yourself, unions, building codes, building engineers maintenace manuals, etc.

Call me, Barry Gamble at 1-800-328-1895, to see if any of these concepts can be modified to fit you needs.

Clocks that Chrono-Art has manufactured that could me modified to fit your design goals:
Technology into Art Clocks Omichron

Color changing dots tell the time with chime.

ChronoArt, dot clock

Quantity of dots in each group tell the time. With hourly chime.

Orbichron Picture
Polarized light clocks Aurora's

–– the surprising effects of polarized light on color.

Prisma II's

–– wonderful colors continuously changing.

Size limited to 16 inches

Design, Manufacture & Market new Clocks TimeArt –– our best new clock in 15 years.

Random Color Clock with chime.

Kaleidoscope –– the most unique, fun binary clock. Hour and quarter hour chimes.
Unique designs of other manufacturers that could be adapted Random Pattern Clocks


Like the Dot Clock with seconds and hourly chime

Audocron clock

Clocks with hourly chime


a Linear


Position of blinking or OFF light in the sequence tells the time.

Seconds, optional.

Three levels of brightness with hourly chime

Click pictures for complete information.

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To ask questions please call me Barry Gamble 1-800-328-1895

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